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How’s the weather? Corinth site has the answers
  • By Jebb Johnston - Special columnist
    Published Saturday, January 15, 2005

  • It began with an anniversary gift and curiosity about the temperature outside.
    The result is Corinth Weather Station at, a site that provides live weather data for Corinth from his North Parkway home. It’s a treat for weather fans -- the type of folks who perk up at terms like “super cell” and “squall line” -- and handy if you simply want to know what the temperature is in the Cross City.
    Unless you have an outdoor thermometer, that number is hard to come by. As I’ve said in this space before, the “local” weather we see via Comcast on The Weather Channel is specific to Tupelo, 50-plus miles to the south. If you want to find out if it’s cold enough on a winter night for that rain to change over to snow, Baird’s site, which records the temperature to one-tenth of a degree, may be the best source.
    The site went live on March 20 last year, and he has found that “bad” weather brings more hits.
    “The number of hits that occur during those times has proved to be so much higher than during calm weather that I can’t help but feel that Corinth Weather Station is providing a valuable service in its small way,” said Baird.
    Macromedia Flash is required to view the live updates of meters and gauges showing data such as temperature, wind chill, wind speed, humidity and barometric pressure. For a low-fi summary of current data, visitors can go to There are also links to radar images and the Corinth-specific forecast from the National Weather Service.
    The site also compiles a wealth of month-to-date and year-to-date data. A check of the site Friday morning revealed that there have been nine days thus far in January with measurable rainfall, an average temperature of 56.4 degrees for the month, and a maximum wind gust of 31 mph during January. And that’s just scratching the surface.
    Baird’s site feeds data to the National Weather Service (, Weather Underground ( and the Citizen Weather observer Program (, which collects citizen data and makes it available to agencies such as National Weather Service forecast offices and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
    In October 2003, Baird suggested to his wife, Donna, that he would like a weather station as his anniversary gift. He received a La Crosse WS 2010 wireless station that includes an indoor/outdoor temperature sensor, wind speed and direction sensor, and rainfall sensor. He soon decided to feed the data to his computer and save it for future reference.
    To do so, he added a data receiver to his computer, but the software that came with it wasn’t quite what he wanted. At, he found software that would create a multitude of data charts.
    And another weather fan was born.
    “By this time, my interest was really going,” said Baird. “I got all this working and thought, why not take this information and build a Web site so others could see the weather conditions in Corinth and Alcorn County?”
    That led to what he described as a big challenge -- learning to use Microsoft FrontPage. But Baird said he has enjoyed the project from day one and has more good things in store for the site.
    “The addition of an earthquake map in the coming year is something that I am really interested in,” he said. “The things that touch each of us and are our common interest is what I want Corinth Weather Station to be about.”



Tornado-May 5,2008
Bryan Goss taking pictures on HWY 45, North of Booneville at Alcorn/Prentiss County line.

National Weather Service
The National Weather Service (NWS), once known as the Weather Bureau,is one of the six scientific agencies that make up the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States government. It is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Corinth Weather Station is a member of Citizen Weather Observer Program and uploads information to them, they also check the quality of all CWOP stations, click the logo to view the quality of Corinth Weather Station.

Weather Underground
Corinth Weather Station has been a member of Weather Underground since November 2004. We upload weather information to them, broadcast NOAA Weather Radio from Booneville, MS. and upload to Weather Underground.

Corinth Weather Station joined Anythingweather in March 2005 providing weather information for Corinth and Alcorn County. Several web sites in Corinth use my weather sticker from Anythingweather.

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Weather Display
Brian Hamilton of New Zealand developed Weather-Display Software in 1999. Most all weather hobbyist in the world use Brian's software. Thanks Brian for your hard work and dedication to Weather-Display.

Tornado database for the National Weather Service. Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri. Date range 1873-2016.